At Berck’s Old Time Plumbing, Heating & Air our commercial division has provided contracted services to businesses for over 30 years.  These agreements cover all areas of your Plumbing and HVAC requirements and are specifically written per business.

Commercial Service Contract General Information

What You Should Know

While many large facilities maintain an in-house staff of mechanics and technicians to keep their buildings running, HVAC technology has advanced to a point where outside expertise often supplements or replaces such employees. HVAC contractors may provide a higher level of service than found in-house.

A comprehensive Berck’s Old Time Plumbing, Heating & Air HVAC Commercial Service Contract is one of the best ways to meet that challenge.

Our agreements contain, or reference, a clear set of task specifications, a detailed equipment list and essential contractor qualifications. This avoids conflicts while securing a desired level of service. Depending on a facilities size, complexity and need for reliability, a variety of other important provisions might well be worth including in your contract.

Basic Provisions

Regardless of the type of service being rendered, your service contract should address the usual contract issues, including length, responsibilities, wage rates, dispute resolution, force major and other items.

Your contract will include a scope of work that covers preventive maintenance, repairs and replacements, finding and correcting operating problems, and reporting on such work. Some scope-of-work provisions also include guidance on engineering and upgrades to improve energy efficiency. To ensure those efforts are done to the satisfaction of the facility, specifications detailing items such as preferred products and methods, service hours, contractor professional qualifications and exclusions are often referenced in an addendum.

Among the specific items included in our scope of work are:

  • Identities, by a unique number, of all pieces of equipment to be serviced along with the location of the equipment, referenced by unchanging room numbers or other means.
  • Task descriptions for each generic type of service.
  • Procedures on how to log, track and file work orders and materials used in them.
  • Methods to pursue and track changes to equipment and programming.
  • Details on how often reports are provided.

Detailed Information Provided

Task descriptions detail the steps involved in each type of routine service. When big-ticket items are involved, such descriptions may be broken down into subtasks.  The following details are spelled out in your contract or an addendum:

  • Warranties on labor and materials with regard to length and coverage.
  • Brands and model numbers of routine replacement parts.
  • A copy of all relevant contractor licenses, certifications, insurance and other documents.

Sharing Responsibilities

Any shared activities between Berck’s Old Time Plumbing, Heating & Air and your business will be identified and documented including but not limited to:

  • Affirming that we have inspected the equipment and premises and accepted responsibility for them in “as is” condition or has indicated changes needed before service may commence.
  • Providing secure storage for contractor equipment, especially when of a hazardous nature.
  • Defining and logging passwords to be used for contractor personnel when altering building management system programming.
  • Listing and describing any responsibilities shared between us and the organizations facility staff.
  • Furnishing access to buildings during off-hours and supplying security credentials to minimize service delays.
  • Equipment installed shall be accompanied by electronic and paper files of its maintenance manuals for the facility executive to keep.